Policy Statement

Burke and Beyond is committed to providing an environment and culture which is fair, inclusive and where diversity is accepted, respected and valued.


Our commitment to diversity means that Burke and Beyond continuously strives to provide an environment that is supportive of equal opportunity, equal treatment and equal access for participants, their families, staff, volunteers and those who engage with our services. We believe the wide array of perspectives which result from such diversity promotes inclusiveness, innovation and business success.



To provide an environment which is sensitive to the gender, social, cultural and sexuality values of participants, their families, circles of support, staff, volunteers and visitors to our services. We aim to be culturally competent and to ensure participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, can access appropriate services, community groups and cultures in a way which is meaningful and appropriate to them.



Our diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, culture, gender, language, age, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experiences and education.

It applies to all staff, volunteers, contractors, service providers engaged by Burke and Beyond, participants and their families whilst attending our services.


Where cultural, religious and/or spiritual affiliation are referenced within this policy and procedure, this is inclusive of people from Aboriginal and Torres Islander backgrounds, and where identified relevant actions will be taken to ensure suitable services are provided and/or accessed.


Policy Details

We acknowledge diversity is an important part of what it means to be living in Australia. In our efforts to be culturally competent and sensitive to diversity in our communities we will endeavour to assist in facilitating any specific requirements and requests from participants and their families.


We are committed to creating an environment where the sexual orientation and gender identity for all is respected, and where all people are afforded dignity and equal rights. For further detail, please refer to our Inappropriate Behaviour (Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination) policy.

Where religions and cultures have strict practices regarding treatment, gender sensitivity, dietary requirements and other customs, where these have been identified, Burke and Beyond will endeavour to support and facilitate these. If we are unable to adhere, and alternatives have been considered, the reasons and actions will be discussed, documented and communicated with participant/family by the relevant Coordinator or Community Services Manager. Where issues and or conflicts arise regarding cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs, these are referred to the Community Services Manager for relevant action. As required, culturally specific support groups and agencies may be engaged.