Changes to NDIS family information

Independent Assessors

From July 2021 Independent Assessors are being introduced.

What do I need to know

The funding that is received as part of your young person’s NDIS plan will eventually be based on this assessment. There are a number of conversations across the sector and quite a lot of opposition to this way of allocating budgets.

In many instances, this may not be a true reflection of the requirements of a person’s needs and Providers, through National Disability Services (our umbrella organisation) are making representations to the Federal Government to try and either stop this process or ensure its fairness.

What Can I do

You can get further information from the following websites (include all websites addresses)

Every Australian Counts: 



If you are worried about this, you can contact your local Federal MP and have a conversation with them.

New service Agreements

Burke and Beyond now has in place a new version of a Service Agreement which will include the following points. For people who have not signed this version, you will be contacted by one of our Coordinator or our Intake Officer to sign a new version before the 1st of July, which is when the following changes come into place. This document is available on our website.